Group Photo 2024, from left to right: Shahriar, Chengyuan, Chloe, John H., Jesse, Shehan, John P. (Photo courtesy of Alfie Brownless)

Current Members

John Hymel – Graduate Student (Joined 2020)


B.S. Chemistry, University of Tennessee, 2019

Research Interests: Free energy calculations at electrochemical interfaces

Non-research Interests: Chess, Mahjong, and rendering

John Pederson – Graduate Student (Joined 2022)


B.S. Chemical Engineering, Georgia Tech, 2021

Research Interests: QM/MM methodology and multi-scale modeling of chemical systems

Non-research Interests:  Graphic design

Chloe Renfro – Graduate Student (Joined 2021)


B.S. Chemistry, Bowdoin College, 2021

Research Interests: Electron transfer kinetics at electrochemical interfaces

Shehan Parmar – Graduate Student (Joined 2022)


M.S. Aerospace Engineering, UCLA, 2020
B.S. Astronautical Engineering, USC, 2019

Research Interests: Understanding structural properties of ionic liquids in bulk and at interfaces 

Non-research Interests: Music, basketball, & conversation

Chengyuan (Jack) Shao – Graduate Student (Joined 2023)


M.S. Chemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2023
B.S. Chemistry, Zhejiang University, 2020

Research Interests: Quantum chemistry at solid/liquid interfaces

Non-research Interests: Sci-fi, writing, and hiking

Dr. Shahriar Khan – Postdoc (Joined 2022)


Ph.D. Chemistry, Auburn University, 2021
M.S. Chemistry, University of Dhaka, 2013
B.S. Chemistry, University of Dhaka, 2010

Former Members

Dr. John Stoppelman – Graduate Student (2018-2023)


Ph.D. Chemistry, Georgia Tech, 2023
B.S. Chemistry, Loras College, 2018

Present: Postdoc – Academia Sinica

Dr. Suehyun Park – Graduate Student (2018-2023)


Ph.D. Chemistry, Georgia Tech, 2023
M.S. Physical Chemistry, Ewha Womans University, 2018
B.S. Chemistry and B.S. Physics, Sogang University, 2016

Present: Research Engineer – Intel Corporation

Prof. Yi-Jung Tu – Postdoc (2018-2020)


Affiliation:  National Chi Nan University (Taiwan)

Archana Verma – Undergraduate Student (2018-2019)


B.S. Chemical Engineering, Stanford University (2021)

Present:  PhD Student, UIUC (Jackson Group)

Sam Delmerico – Undergraduate Student (2018-2020)


B.S. Chemistry, Georgia Tech (2020)

Present:  Google